Fully responsive, well design, multilanguage, modern and easy to read. Magazine for NBL Sport, summarizing the completed investment, is the first in a family of such interactive publications that are preparing for Nobile. More coming soon.


Fashion in her life was forever. In the first professional plans she wanted to be… an astronaut. Fashion, however, won. He doesn’t treat motorcycle as a means of transport, although on it travels most of the year. It’s a passion, which realization allows to fulfill. She & he. Two different people. One campaign. We made Spring 2016 campaign for Diverse Company.

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The aim was to create publication presenting and summing up the most important facts and events concerning the Medicover Group in 2015. Those events were presented in numerous short forms, including the quotes of Medicover Division and Synevo Division management team. It required from us the efficient approach to the subject, in order to present it in attractive and clear way.

We have opted for the newspaper format which combined with attractive design worked out perfectly and was well-received by its recipients – the whole European management team of Medicover and Synevo. Because of the staff language diversification, the “End of Year Message 2015/2016” has been published in nine language versions and shipped at the turn of 2015 and 2016.

The result of our work is the publication often read and well-received by our target group – the team of Medicover and Synevo throughout Europe. And what is also of the utmost importance – a publication widely and positively commented within the company itself.



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