We're an independent brand and product development company. We apply advanced strategic, marketing, communication and content expertise to establish long term value for a select group of partners in commerce and culture. We are well known in business for 20 years. We earned few worldwide awards. We always made to measure and what really matters for us is business success!

Polish Creative Group started on 1st of July 2012 as a continuation of Maciej Jaźwiecki’s content marketing journey. He is one of the first content publishing, PR and marketing experts in Europe. His former company Novimedia was awarded 13. times by The Content Council in New York (http://thecontentcouncil.org/) with few gold trophies. PCG is a group of great experienced talents in design, photography, strategy, sales, marketing and communications. In 2015 he started OFF creative a filming company. The idea is to create film productions for companies, TV broadcasts, TV adverts, event and product movies, as well as for the purposes of internal communication.

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